Thursday, January 9, 2014

Glitz Up Your Party!

Glitz is exquisite with its subtly shimmering chevrons and dots. In soft ice cream shades, these prints can show up anywhere--from dreamy wedding scapes to a modern-day retro cocktail dress. With this mix-and-match line, you don't have to be a visionary to create something magical.

We couldn't wait to send our new Glitz collection to stylist and photographer, Trenna Travis- we knew that she would work wonders with it (and she did!) Whether you're hosting a fancy dinner party, a wedding or a little girl's princess party, glitz would be wonderful on the table!

Trenna also styled a photo shoot for a retro inspired cocktail dress! I've included a couple sneak peek photos below- Stay tuned for a post about the dress next week!


After I saw Trenna's photos I was on the hunt for some gold flatware... and other pretty gold things. I found some flatware at West Elm...


...and a D.I.Y. for a striped gold vase from Two Twenty One
(click on the image below for the tutorial)

Not interested in the D.I.Y. gold dipped option? Design Within Reach carries the Midas Collection pictured below...

Need more gold dipped inspiration? Just log onto Pinterest and search "gold dipped"... you can thank me later :)

Ok, I think you've been Glitz Blitzed enough for today-- Don't forget to check in next week when I'll blog about the pretty pink cocktail dress!


**if you'd like to see what Trenna is up to, you can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest**

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