Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Glitz Blitz :: Shelly from Figgy's Patterns!

Hello to all from Portland, Oregon!! Thank you to Michael Miller for having Figgy’s visit the Making It Fun blog. The postman arrived with a package from MM just a few weeks ago and I wish you could have been there with me when I opened the box. I think my neighbors could even here me shout “oooohhh mannnnnn, looooove!!”. I almost felt a little like that moment we watched in the movie “Pulp Fiction” when they opened the suitcase at the end. The gold and pastel Glitz fabric just shined up at me.

I knew immediately what I wanted to make with this fabric, an Ethereal Tunic for my niece Ofelia. She seriously is getting all the goods these days to the point I’m starting to get a little jealous. Can you blame me? Look at this face:

The Glitz fabric also gave me the chance to use some Gold Metallic Thread I’ve been hording away for just the right garment. I changed my needle to a metallic 70/10 because I shortly discovered if you don’t the thread would snap. I also decided to use my Rolled Hem Foot on the sewing machine and went to town hemming the front frill.

I think the thread complimented the fabric nicely don’t you? With Valentines Day parties and Easter Sunday just around the corner you really can’t go wrong with using Glitz fabric to make a garment or an adorable clutch for yourself or a special little one in your life. Maybe even a little bow tie is in my son's future…… I’m headed back to the studio to put this inspiration to good use! 

Thanks Again Michael Miller for making such a fabulous fabric line!

*ps. For more information on how to create the perfect Ethereal Bodice please visit: figgy's blog


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