Friday, January 10, 2020

Brand Ambassador Intro- Bea Lee

Our Second Brand Ambassador for 2020 is the incredible Bea Lee. Her love of fabric is infectious and we're so excited to have her on board.

Bea was born and raised in Denmark before moving to Florida in 1996 to attend college for computer animation. After graduating, she married and began her family. In 2004, Bea was introduced to quilting at a church class, but it took a few years for her to get hooked. Her passion took hold when she started making charity quilts and entering quilt shows. In 2009, Bea's husband bought her a longarm machine, and she began taking custom orders, she’s now on her 3rd machine that’s also computerized She also does machine embroidery. She, her husband, and their four children live in a small town in North Carolina. Bea has won numerous ribbons at county fairs, quilt shows, and guild shows, and she is also an avid blogger.
She’s been published in numerous magazines; McCall’s, Fons and Porter, Quiltmaker and some booklets by Annie’s. She was an ambassador for Island Batik from 2014 to 2019 and is now an ambassador for Michael Miller Fabrics. Yay! She’s also a designer for Accuquilt and sells her patterns on her etsy store, her website and with Connecting
We asked her some fun questions to help you get to know her better!

  1. How long have you been sewing/quilting? Since 2004
  2. What other hobbies do you enjoy? What other hobbies are there?? I do machine embroidery and try to incorporate that into my quilting. My original “craft” was probably crocheting, which I taught myself when I was a child.
  3. What was the biggest change in your life in 2019? In December I got my computerized long arm machine, I’m having SEW much fun with it! Personally, I think it was when my oldest got his driver’s license and he is now able to drop off and pick off one of his siblings from school! That’s a GREAT help, as my kids are at 3 different schools, plus a toddler at home.
  4. What is your favorite food? I like the normal homemade dishes, but one thing I MISS from Denmark is Black Licorice! It’s black and strong and salty, not like this sweet twizzler stuff, the read Haribo black licorice is so strong that when you bite into it, you feel it in your ears like you do with lemon, then it’s GOOD STUFF! LOL
  5. BLUE!What is your favorite color?
  6. Do you have any pets? We now have 2 cats, one is a grey long haired cat from a shelter, his name is Swiffer (Swift Fur), the other cat Kronk, we got recently, from a friend who was moving, he’s a BIG black cat, weighing 20 lbs! he’s HUGE!! He’s like a black panther.                                                                                       

Be sure to follow her to see all the Michael Miller fun she'll be sharing!

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