Monday, January 13, 2020

Brand Ambassador Intro- Charisma Horton

Our Third Brand Ambassador for 2020 is the amazingly talented Charisma Horton. Her eagerness, excitement, and skill is a great addition to our fabric family! Here's a note from Charisma to help you get to know her!

Hello! I am Charisma Horton. I am SUPER-DUPER excited to be a Michael Miller Ambassador for 2020.  I am a mom to 6. Only 1 is still left at home. I am married to “The Rob” and we are avid animal lovers. Currently, we have 4 dogs. As each child left home, we replaced them with a dog. Hehe. We prefer big dogs. I often say that I identify as a Mastiff owner. We have Gracie our 11-year-old English Mastiff. We have a 2-year-old Dogue De Bordeaux named Red, Kali our black lab and Elvis, the KING of pups. He is our Pomeranian who thinks he is the boss of everyone.   

My favorite part of the day is taking them for walks and I used to make them hot breakfast every day but one of the girls has to be on a diet. Poor girl. I know how she feels. 

I have been quilting for about 20 years. But wasn’t really dedicated while I had young kids at home. It wasn’t until they got a little older. But I have been an award-winning longarm quilter for about 10 years. I actually own 3 longarms. I have two regular machines and 1 Gammill with a Statler computer. Longarm quilting is my full time job. I love quilting. I love every quilt that comes across my frames. I have had quilts come to me from all over the world and that honestly humbles me. I am grateful for this opportunity to run my own business. In December of 2018, I decided to take the plunge and become a pattern designer. It’s been an amazing ride! My 2019 was a HUGE learning curve and a wild ride of learning everything from computer programs such as Adobe, learning how to back up & drive a trailer so I could have a booth at my first show and I am still struggling with photography. There are too many things to list. Just trust me! It’s been a doozey!  There is no way to tell you how much 2019 taught me. But I am ever so grateful. I had my first design published in a magazine in January of 2019. Since then I have had 3o+ publications picked up and I have had a few smaller projects picked up in a book to be published in 2020. I released 80+ patterns in 2019 and I am running full speed ahead in 2020.  Now I get to add “Ambassador” to my “street cred.”  A few samples of my work:  

I don’t have one style or genre of quilts. I have traditional, modern and wool applique and niche embroidery. I dabble in just about everything and I can’t just name one style that I absolutely love or hate. 

I really love quotes and any quilts with meaning or that tell a story. They are truly my favorite. If that’s a “Style” I would commit to any quilt with “meaning.” 

I am Scandinavian. Gnomes have captured me and I have several more ideas using gnomes. You may see some projects coming up this year. *hint* 

One thing you will probably always see in my work is color. I love to play with color. I love taking regular everyday quilt blocks and transforming them with color arrangement. I love all colors! But if I have to choose it’s always pink! I love everything about pink. “It’s my signature color!” (do you know what movie that is from?)   

Just like most every creative person, I have dabbled in many things. I scrapbooked while my kids were young. I am still part of a monthly handmade card club. I also go to a weekly pottery class. I have been doing that for several years. I am not an excellent potter. But it appeals to me in the same way that quilting does. I can create something beautiful that can also be useful. There is something much different about pottery. It doesn’t come as easy to me. I also never know what my end result will be. There are so many factors. I am always experimenting every step of the way. The end result is always a surprise. I actually like that I don’t have control over that.  
Food always seems to taste better in hand made pottery and served on a quilt. These placemats my daughter made several years ago when she was about 7 years old. I love Mexican food and I also love soup. This is a tortilla soup with fresh avocado chunks. This is a regular staple in my diet. Haha! Jalapenos are a staple on sandwiches, soup, pizza & burgers for me. I eat them in/on everything.  
I am so happy to be on the Michael Miller team! Thanks for giving me a few minutes to introduce myself. I am so honored to be here and share this time with all of you. I hope to inspire all of you with my designs while I am here. I know that I am inspired daily by the beautiful fabrics, colors, talented people that I am working with here and the kindness shared by all of you. So Thank you! I am looking forward to this journey.  


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