Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MMF Glitz Blitz: Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit!

Hello Michael Miller Fabric lovers! My name is Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit, and I am honored to be here today.

Gold. Metallic. Polka Dots. 

Is there really anything else that needs to be said?  Lol. When I first saw a swatch of this fabric, I nearly ripped it out of the Michael Miller Fabric rep’s hands. Everything about this fabric is perfection. To be asked to create something with this fabulous material? Well, that is just the icing on the cake.

When working with geometric prints in apparel, I like to break them up somehow.  Which is why I chose to sew ‘Look No. 6’ from the Five and Ten Designs Volume One eBook. The piping design within the bodice was ideally suited to work with the fabric, and really make the dress pop. With white and black being on trend, the gold metallic polka dots make this the perfect kids party dress!

Naturally, every little girl loves her accessories, and this fabric covered notebook is just the ticket. An easy DIY project for showcasing your latest fabric obsession, while bringing your journals to life.  All in under 5 minutes, with no sewing involved.

Materials Needed:
●    Composition Notebook
●    ⅜ yd fabric
●    Fabric Spray Adhesive
●    Ribbon
●    Pins (to hold fabric in place while it dries)
●    Scissors


1.    Measure around the notebook, from the front to the back cover, and cut around. Be sure to add extra fabric around the sides to be able to fold over the front and back cover later. At least 1” all around is recommended. If you are using a light colored fabric, you may want to double up, and add a ‘lining’ fabric. 

2.    On the wrong side of fabric (the fabric that will go against the notebook), spray the fabric adhesive. Do this in a well ventilated area, as the fumes can be strong.

3.    Immediately after spraying, wrap the fabric around the notebook. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles that may appear in between the fabric and the notebook. 

4.    Using your scissors, clip the excess edge at the notebook’s binder, removing about 1” of the fabric. 

5.    Fold down the top and bottom edges of the fabric to the inside cover of the notebook. Repeat for the outer edge. Add extra glue if necessary, and secure with a sewing pin to ensure a firm hold while drying. Repeat for back cover.

6.    Allow the notebook to dry. 

7.    Attach ribbon by wrapping around from the front to the back, and tucking inside the notebook’s cover. Secure with glue. Make a bow with your ribbon, and glue to the front of the notebook. Press down gently to secure, allow glue to dry.

And there you have it, a fabulous recovered notebook!  Utilizing your fabric scraps, and making the perfect accompaniment for your handmade outfit in one fell swoop.

To see more of the dress featured above and the rest of the Five and Ten Designs, Volume One collection, click here.

Thanks again so much for having me here, I absolutely adore Michael Miller Fabrics. 

Happy Sewing!

In honor of our first Glitz Blitz post, we're giving away two bundles of our fabulous metallics!

We'd love to hear what you'll create with it!

Thanks to everyone who participated-- and stay tuned for more glitz and another giveaway!

***Congratulations to--

Erin who said...
"Definitely summer dress for my tiny toddler!"


Little Ella Lu who said...
"This fabric looks so fun! I think it would be great for holiday dresses and skirts."



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Roxie said...

It's gorgeous. I think it would make beautiful picture frames for my grand babies pictures and would add interest and beauty to a quilt I am making for a new grand baby on the way!

Brenna said...


Debbie said...

The possibilities for this fabric are endless, but I think it would make wonderful journal covers with embroidered initials.

winniewoman9060 said...

I'd make it in t a Christmas quilt. Love the dress, but I have 2 boys.

Estela said...

Gold is one of my favorite colors! Love this collection!

Mama D said...

I love Michael Miller fabric, and this line does not disappoint...I LOVE IT!! I can see my 4 granddaughters in their sweet Easter dress's made out of these pastel metallic fabrics (yes I make all 4 of them their Easter, Christmas, Birthday, and if time allows their Valentine,4th of July,and Thanksgiving outfits). I hope I win!!!

Brandee said...

Love it!! I would make coordinating twirl skirts for my girls ages 4 and 2!!

Jovanna said...

I would love to make some gifts for friends for their birthdays. :-)

Gail said...

I LOVE these fabrics. I would sew cute bags with these adorable fabrics.

elizabeth galloway said...

My daughters have these polka dots on their walls!!! I need this fabric please ;-)

Tara Ann said...

I have been hunting all over in stores and online for fabric just like this to make two FLOWER GIRL DRESSES for my WEDDING in August! My colors are baby blue, gold and ivory, with accents of gold polka dots. I would you every square inch of this fabric for special touches on my big day :)


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